about bimbo

bimbo is a volunteer-led online magazine publishing inclusive content ranging from feminism, activism, and politics to mental health and poetry, while providing young writers with a platform to gain writing experience.

bimbo is open to people of any and all genders. 

Why bimbo?

As a feminist publication, we strive for equality.

'Bimbo' is a term typically used to describe an attractive wom*n wearing revealing clothes, who is sexualized and presumed to be "dumb".

Most recently, the Bimbo Movement, founded by sex worker Alicia Amira, has started to reclaim the term and use it purposefully to empower wom*n and encourage them to embrace their sexuality. 

bimbo is an hommage to Alicia Amira and an effort to fully reclaim, destigmatize and free the term from its misogynistic connotations. 

Get involved

We are always looking for artists and writers, so if you want to submit your work, head over to our 'Contribute' page. 

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