• Elle Winters


A man and a woman hugging. The man's background is red, he himself is blue. The woman's background is blue, she is red. They hug and the woman merges with the man's background, and the man with the woman's.
Art by @fempowerart

Darling I’ll be your nicotine patch,

I’ll subdue your cravings, a quick fix,

Unwrap me, place me on your arm,

Attached, but temporary, no need for alarm.

I’ll tide you over but you’re unsatisfied,

Like an addict on someone else’s’ supply.

Her taste still lingers,

On your lips and on your fingers,

So use me as a palate cleanser,

To be had between meals and barely remembered.

I’ve been there, I empathise,

And despise,

That I’m in remission too,

And you look like him,

So for now, this’ll do.

This poem was written about the self-objectification and feelings of ambivalence that the author underwent as a result of being used by someone. Both parties were trying to move on from exes, him by using and the her by giving.


Art by @fempowerart

Words by Elle Winters

Elle is a 24 year old woman, who identifies as she/her and is based in South London. Her hobbies include creating art under the name ‘Fempower Art’ on Instagram, hanging out with her cat, and judging people on masterchef whilst eating beans on toast.