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  • Aims Whitter

Fat and Fab: Why we should take back “The F Word”

Art by @strkmrker_og_appelsinhud (pictured: @meg.boggs)

Hi, I’m Aims and I’m fat. I know what you’re thinking: “oh my god, the f-word!”. But why is “fat” considered a bad word?

To tell you a little bit about me, I’m a size 16 (mainly a big belly), she/they, queer feminist and I have hairy pits. I’m not the most ‘ordinary’-looking being you’ve seen, but alas, I want to talk to you about why we need to take back the dreaded ‘f-word’.

I’ve always been plus-size and it look me a long time to be able to love my rolls, which is why I want to help others love theirs too, no matter who they are.

Ever since I was a youngster, I was told I was just ‘big boned’, which, after finally mustering up the courage to google some 4 years later, I realised wasn’t true - my mother was just being kind to me. I would sit there and look at my belly and think it was horrible - but why? Bullies, that’s why.

I only recently came to love my squish and I still struggle with body image, but then I put on a lacy bodysuit and remember who the hell I am. Who am I you ask? One sexy bitch that’s who.

Though some of my favourite fat creators include Jazzmyne, Lizzo and Tess Holliday, the person I want to talk about in particular is Lizzo.

On December 14th, 2020 Lizzo posted a TikTok of her doing a 10-day smoothie detox. Okay, what’s wrong with this? Nothing. But the comment section said differently. Lizzo was bombarded with comments, such as “Didn’t do anything lmao” and “This is so disappointing”. But these two comments came from two entirely different perspectives - and let me explain why.

While the first comment I mentioned came from what was obviously meant as a derogatory statement, for which Lizzo did not care at all, the second comment reflected more of a disappointed view. Now I can understand why, but I don’t agree with it. The second person commenting was referring to Lizzo ‘supporting’ diet culture, which, as we all know, she does not. To an extent, I can understand where this comment is coming from, but Lizzo did not make this video or do this detox for the reason this person presumed. Lizzo made the TikTok purely because she wanted to show and share how she felt after this smoothie detox.

After receiving all of those negative comments, Lizzo made a video shutting all them down by explaining that she did not do the detox to lose weight, she doesn’t want to lose any weight and never will. She explained she did the detox to flush her system and feel a bit better in her body. Since rising to fame, Lizzo has never cared about what people think about her body, and for that I think she is an absolutely phenomenal role model to so many people.

So, now that I’ve spoken about being fat in modern times, I want to bring it back thousands of years… Probably to around 500BC where being fat was literally the most beautiful thing in the world, for women mainly. Hello, Ancient Greece!

In these times, if you were a larger lady you were the epitome of beauty; I mean like drop dread gorgeous. This was because food was rather expensive in those days, so the larger you were, the richer you were, and you showed by your curves that you could eat to your heart’s content. The ‘ideal’ body type for a lady back then was “softly shaped”. This basically meant the more pudge – THE BETTER! (which I for one, absolutely love).

One icon from those days was ‘Helen of Troy’, which is described as having been the most beautiful woman in the world by Greek Mythology. Helen has always been depicted with a larger frame, more curve than squish, if you will. Still, a mid-sized lady was seen as gorgeous.

Another, probably more famous, woman from these times is Aphrodite, the Goddess of sex, fertility and beauty. She is depicted as having a more pear-shaped body, a round face and large breasts. This body shape is characterized by a smaller shoulder frame and a larger waist, often shown with larger breasts and bum, sometimes even having a little pudge on the belly!

Being larger in these days showed you could eat, had money, and I personally would sign myself up to feed Helen grapes, I don’t know about you though…

So, in conclusion (as you can probably tell) I want to take the ‘f-word’ and shove it in arrogant people’s faces, because fat is beautiful! It is gorgeous and it is not scary or disgusting. The media likes to put fat people under fire because some person way too many years ago, that nobody cares about, decided that fat is bad.

Well, you know what? Fat is amazing! I’m always warm, if I fall over it doesn’t hurt as much, and I look fantastic in a strappy lingerie piece. Our clothing size and amount of stone on our body does not determine if we are beautiful, because we are stunning no matter our size.

I love my stretch marks. I love my cellulite. I love my rolls. I love myself. I am fat and I am beautiful. Now to all the bullies, misogynists and silly media outlets, take your dreaded ‘f-word’ and leave us alone.

Words by Aims Whitter

Art by Helene Lindberg Olsen (@strkmrker_og_appelsinhud)

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