• Elle Winters

Who And What To Be As Expressed By The Patriarchy

art by @fempowerart

Small waist,

Pretty face,

Know your place,

What perfect lips you have here,

All the better for remaining silent my dear,

Whispering obscenities in your ear.

Compliments that fill you with dread and fear.

Men don’t like when you do this,

Do that instead,

Wait three dates before you kiss,

Don’t bore him, take him to bed.

Who will want to buy the cow,

That gives away her milk for free?

Why are you unhappy now?

You’ve got your damn equality.

Cheer up love, give us a smile,

We’ll curb-crawl you for one whole mile,

There’s some bad guys out there my pet,

But we’re here now so don’t you fret.

Learn to take it in your stride,

Men don’t mean you any harm,

But God forbid you have self-pride,

Have you packed your rape alarm?

Vanity is a sin,

And exposing skin is vulgar,

Covering up is prudish and

At school you can’t show shoulders,

Don’t be mad or sad girls,

Practice polite behaviour,

Lest you evoke a bad response

From a less-than-friendly stranger.

Love us, need us, rely on us,

But don’t be overbearing,

Its sexy to be independent,

But your attention’s mine, no sharing.

I’m one of the good guys,

If you were mine I’d prove it,

My hand I placed,

Right on your waist,

How dare you say “remove it”.

Feminism’s gone too far,

You women want too much,

Am I supposed to get consent

Every time we fuck?

It’s all just harmless banter,

You girls should learn to take it,

I’m great in bed,

That’s what she said,

My girlfriend’s never faked it.

Group chats, rape threats, roofies,

Hostility and fear,

But it’s a scary time to be a boy,

What date’s ‘Men’s Day’ this year?

This poem was written out of the lived experiences of the author, completely frustrated and angered by the constant sexualisation and shaming of women in society. The poem is comprised of phrases, societal ideas and issues that have all affected the author in some way.

Words by Elle Winters

Art by Fempower Art